Product Design Engineering and Industrial Design 
Let me tell you a story; something more than a Technical Narrative, the 2 minute movie
Kate Bisset Johnson
Department of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design 

Providing a Canvas Commons Module for staff and students containing learning and teaching resources for students to create a 2-minute movie that communicates sophisticated ideas within discipline to a wider audience. This project facilitates Product Design Engineers and Industrial Design student storytelling as an alternative assessment piece where students have been traditionally required to make use of oral presentations 
Swinburne only resources:
Please contact Kate if you would like a copy and do not have Swinburne access.
​​​​​​​Student Resources
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An overview of the Two Minute Movie as a Learning Activity (8-minute movie) summarises the Learning and Teaching materials developed for Adobe Innovation Grant in 2020. ‘Let me tell you a story – Two Minute Movie’ Canvas Commons Pages are live; however, these are only available for Swinburne Staff and Students.  The objective of the ‘Let me tell you story’ project was to develop flexible content that could be used by staff and students in other disciplines. Generating resources to assist in developing the Two Minute Movie as a learning activity starting with learning objectives and a project brief, through to critical and technical workflows for students and ending with flexible assessment rubrics. This package of Learning and Teaching materials is now live on Swinburne Canvas Commons and available to Swinburne staff and students only. ​​​​​​​
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