A New Stream to Innovation: Curriculum Innovator Program 
As part of our Adobe Creative Campus partnership and Digital Literacies Program we have introduced a new grant offering and professional learning opportunity for educators – the Curriculum Innovation Program (CIP). The 12-month program is designed to support the embedding of Digital Literacies through collaborative professional practice and building on our existing Adobe Innovation Grants (AIG). By offering an additional stream to the overarching Digital Literacies Program, educators are enabled to participate in professional learning opportunities that matches their needs and experience.
Stream One ​
The Adobe Innovation Grants (AIGs) supports individuals with Professional Learning, networking opportunities and exposure to national and international best-practice models. The program focuses on developing innovations within individual assessment items, teaching methodologies or practices and linking those to other Swinburne teaching initiatives. This stream has been run successfully for 5 rounds, supporting 115 staff and producing over 156 teaching resources.​

Stream Two ​
Curriculum Innovator Program (CIP)  supports teaching teams to design, develop and embed the teaching resources produced in stream one into foundational units and then through entire courses or majors. Using Design Thinking methodology curriculum teams will solve learning and teaching ‘problems’ and create learning progressions for the Digital Literacy Graduate Attributes.​

The first Curriculum Innovator Program (CIP) cohort has graduated!
Well done to the first cohort to graduate from the CIP design phase in July, 2023. From empowering students with communication literacy skills to increase their self-efficacy in potential employment in Computer Science (Bita ZaferanlooCaslon Chua and Irine Henry) to improving students' reflective practice skills in Design (Emily WrightAlison De KruiffJane Connory, Linus Tan and Simone Taffe
and embracing self-development in Film and Television (Max Schleser, Jillian Holt Elizabeth BurkeSusan Kerrigan and Vincent Giarrusso) – these projects all focused on the problem they were trying to solve first, then embedded digital literacy within that authentic context. 
We’ve received some very warm feedback from those involved and look forward to welcoming a new cohort to commence in 2024
“We are truly excited about the completion of the CIP and the progress we've made in shaping our project. Your feedback and guidance throughout the program have been invaluable in helping us refine our approach and articulate our project's purpose and outcomes.” 
“The workshops were excellent and helped us develop insight into the digital literacy pillars. The Miro boards were a fantastic was to develop these ideas between workshops.”
“Very useful time to collaborate with my peers”
We look forward to opening grant applications in November 2023 for the following year. 
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