The importance of arts education in primary schools: An audio-visual essay assessment
Kristina Turner
Department of Education

This project involves development and implementation of an innovative approach to assessment in primary initial teacher education core unit EDU40008 Arts Education.
Pre-service teachers’ digital literacy and visual communication confidence and capabilities will be enhanced through the integration of Adobe CC Express into unit content, including an assessment task requiring the creation of an audio-visual essay.
Digital literacy and effective multimodal communication are essential skills for graduate teachers in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the Bachelor of Education (Primary) course outcomes and Swinburne University Graduate Attributes. This project models authentic assessment practices supporting graduates’ subsequent practice as classroom teachers.
Shareable teaching and learning resources for this project coming soon!

Findings (Coming soon!)
Findings will include the following sub-sections: 
 - Problem 
- Overview 
- Outcomes 
- Digital Literacies
- Learnings
- Impact data 
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