Media & Communication
A sustainable model for audio readings: transforming the set readings into podcasts.
Denby Weller
Department of Media and Communications

When a student asked, “I’m dyslexic, what do I do about the readings?” I set out to find a solution that provided genuine equity. Previously, we would suggest a student try to find a text-to-speech tool to help them. Now, we can generate audio readings for them. Leveraging my skills as a digital producer, I developed a four-step process that uses automatic text-to-speech engines to transform thousands of words into audio readings. The process takes less than an hour for each reading and outputs a small mp3 file that students can listen to on the go.
This teaching resource assists teachers to transform text-based readings into audio files that can be downloaded and played offline, and including in unit-based podcast playlists. The instructional 10-minute video (See below) has been designed to complement this resource. 
The above resources are also available publicly on the Adobe Education Exchange​​​​​​​
Findings ​​​​​​​
The following video provides more insight into the project, highlighting key and emergent outcomes. This video could also be used as an instructional guide as it takes you through the entire process of transforming readings into podcasts. ​​​​​​​
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