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Learning by doing: transitioning to mobile and web-ready paratext assessments using the Adobe Suite in popular culture units
Jessica Balanzategui
Department of Media and Communication
Cesar Albarran-Torres
Department of Media and Communication
Naja Later
Department of Media and Communication

This project offers a learning-by-doing approach to the creation of digital paratexts in four popular culture units. As well as the Bachelor of Media and Communication, these units are part of the new Bachelor of Arts. The project will refresh these units to align them with the new BA’s next_gen focus on digital readiness. In line with the new BA’s digital readiness focus, learning how digital paratexts operate through creating these materials will provide students with unique career-readiness skills and insight into careers they may not have been aware of prior to their studies.

The following resources outline various group project which requires students to design digital paratexts in order to develop an understanding of how these artefacts operate in contemporary screen and popular culture industries. All of these resources are available to access and download by Swinburne staff via Commons and include the following project instructions:
The above resources are student-facing resources, all of which are designed to master the language and design of contemporary paratexts.
These resources are also available publicly on the Adobe Education Exchange!
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