Health Science 

Digitalising Problem-based Learning of joints movements using Adobe Premiere Rush
Ali Al-Rubaie
Department of Health & Medical Sciences

Understanding the functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and how sport injuries may occur and compromise the muscle functions, and joint movement remains the focal point of healthcare.
The principles of these topics are introduced in the first-year unit, BIO10008 Musculoskeletal Anatomy. This unit prepares the Health Science students to learn about the joint’s stability and flexibility.
The difficulty of understanding the movement concepts in joints, can we use our own body movement to learn and compare different recorded a short video and share it and to build knowledge in Musculoskeletal system and their digital literacies and creativity.
Shareable teaching and learning resources for this project coming soon!

Findings (Coming soon!)
Findings will include the following sub-sections: 
 - Problem 
- Overview 
- Emergent Outcomes 
- Key Learnings
- Detail around how the project addressed the Digital Literacies Pillars
- Impact data ​​​​​​​
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