Improving digital literacy in a workplace simulator project
Julian Vieceli
Department of Management and Marketing
Prof Peter Holland
Department of Management and Marketing

Following a simulation exercise that tests a student’s decision making, strategic thinking, communication, teamwork and groupwork, complex problem solving skills within the school of Business, this project will look to present reflections of this exercise as a video piece using Adobe technologies. The video of the team performance can be edited and cut into a meaningful five-minute presentation back to the class about the key moments of the subject as well as the key learnings that may come from the exercise. A further piece of assessment will be a short podcast (Adobe Audition) where individual students debrief and reflect on their own performance in the simulator.
Project Overview (Spark Page)
The major assessment used in this project is that of a refection piece. Students generally reflect by writing out material. This project supplies students with a one hour long video of their performance in a simulator and then allows them, by using Premiere Rush and Spark to firstly edit the video and add commentary, but then also to produce a spark presentation. The use of video and editing a video of their own performance to identify the key moments of performance provides a richer data point and allows greater creativity by students to express their learnings through the simulator.  Additionally, by watching their performance on video and then reflecting, students can undertake a more reliable reflection on their own performance. Students can also undertake an analysis of non-verbal communications, such as group cohesion and body language. Finally, by having a video of their performance, students are much less reliant on memory, which can be flawed and less accurate over time.  
The students find this process to be rewarding and it provides them with an electronic portfolio of their performance that they can use to illustrate learning in the unit. Students have provided feedback indicating that they like the video feedback and also the ability to learn new programs. ​​​​​​
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