Journalism & Creative Writing

In their own voices
Denby Weller
Department of Media & Communications
Julia Prendergast
Department of Media & Communications

A collaboration between the Journalism and Creative Writing disciplines, ‘In their own voices’ is a text-to-voice project that culminates in a spoken-word event, Tell Me - Audio Stories, for students.
Adapting their own assignments into podcasts using Adobe Audition, students will follow the emerging global practice that sees authors at publications like The New Yorker read their own features and short stories for an audience of listeners.
Tell Me - Audio Stories will take a hybrid format, enabling the inclusion of offshore students who wish to have their podcasts played to a live audience, as well as local students who wish to do a live reading of their work.
Shareable teaching and learning resources for this project coming soon!

Findings (Coming soon!)
Findings will include the following sub-sections: 
 - Problem 
- Overview 
- Emergent Outcomes 
- Key Learnings
- Detail around how the project addressed the Digital Literacies Pillars
- Impact data 
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