Swinburne Journalism’s Digital Bootcamp
Denby Weller
Department of Media and Communication 
Peter Marcarto
Department of Media and Communication 

The ‘Digital Bootcamp’, is a blended-learning series of ‘modules’ created to provide students with self-paced, at-home instruction in technical skills, which can stand alongside in-class instruction when we return to campus. The first part of the bootcamp is a series of modules that instruct students in editing a news video package using Premiere Pro. Looking forward, the Digital Bootcamp will be offered as a key pillar of the journalism major, with the potential to expand it to other Media and Communications subjects and the postgraduate space in 2021.

Resources ​​​​​​​
Swinburne only resources:
Presentation (for re-use)
Canvas module (Swinburne access required)

Note: If you have any issues accessing the Canvas module, please log into Canvas and search Canvas Commons for "Digital Bootcamp Module One: Video Editing" or contact for help.
The Digital Bootcamp learning materials were produced as a Canvas Module, located in Swinburne’s Canvas Commons. It was additionally added to the Canvas shells for the following subjects: the HDR space, the two UG units: Broadcast News Reporting, and Video Project.
To date, one other lecturer has downloaded the Module from Commons, possibly for use in another subject. We’re excited about sharing it further in 2021.
Students in the undergrad subjects completed the Digital Bootcamp module in a combination of self-directed and in-class sessions. The capability to revise the module videos was unexpectedly popular, with the first video being viewed an average of 1.5 times per student. More advanced students reported that they watched the videos at 1.5x speed, also an unexpected result. All students who undertook the Digital Bootcamp module reported an improvement in their editing skills. 

"Thanks once again for making this happen. On the whole the students tackled it really well."
Clare Arthurs
Lecturer and Tutor of Broadcast News Reporting

As their final assignment, students in that unit produced a news package from materials sent to use from the UN World Food Programme’s Head of Comms. We negotiated this access as WFP’s comms department runs a newswire-style video production house, and we thought it was a perfect opportunity for students to work with ‘real world’ video material. Here’s what the WFP had to say about the students’ work:

"These are fantastic! 
So glad to see the next generation of journalists grow into their craft with a global view knowing about humanitarian emergencies and what WFP is doing to help!
I am happy to help in any way next semester."
Jonathan Dumont
Head of Emergency Communications
The United Nations World Food Programme 

HDR students are yet to provide feedback on the DBC, but the view counts have continued ticking upwards since the end of semester, so it’s possible that some of these views are coming from this cohort. The videos are only accessible via the Canvas Module.
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