Professionally Visualise Business Solutions for Industry Clients’ Problems Using Infographics
Chamila Perera
Dept. of Management & Marketing
Chandana Hewege
Dept. of Management & Marketing

Industry client projects enhance critical, cognitive and professional skills among university students (Leal Filho, Shiel, & Paco, 2016). However, the students often find it challenging to present the highlights of their complex business solutions professionally tailored to industry audiences (Herbert & Herbert, 2020).
Infographics could address the challenges in professional communication (Smiciklas, 2012), thus collect more effective feedback from the industry audiences as well (i.e., indirect measurement of effective industry projects).
This cross-unit project; Global Logistics and Supply chain management, and Marketing strategy and planning, help approx. 400 students use interactive features of infographics (Krum, 2013) through an existing group assignment.
Shareable teaching and learning resources for this project coming soon!

Findings (Coming soon!)
Findings will include the following sub-sections: 
 - Problem 
- Overview 
- Emergent Outcomes 
- Key Learnings
- Detail around how the project addressed the Digital Literacies Pillars
- Impact data ​​​​​​​
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