Express Video has had an upgrade
Adobe has just released the new look Express, bringing together a host of Adobe’s popular photo, design, video, document and generative AI tools into one place - making content creation faster and easier than ever before.
“We've integrated Adobe Firefly generative AI directly into content workflows. It’s been fantastic to see how groundbreaking innovations and AI at the core of Express, are empowering our ever-expanding user base to bring their ideas to life through standout content—from stunning social video content, engaging videos and images, visually stunning PDFs, digital cards, flyers and more”
said Govind Balakrishnan, senior vice president, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services at Adobe.
Crucially, the new beta of Adobe Express Video offers similar tools to Rush, with many more content creation tools wrapped around it.  With no experience needed - you can crop, snip, animate and augment video creation.  Being fully browser-based makes it easier to create and edit videos on-the-go, with real-time sharing.
Video editing in the new Express enables students and educators of all skill levels to create stunning videos in seconds.  With many Adobe’s tools at your finger tips, it is a one-stop-shop for fast and easy digital creation that will kick start your next project in seconds.
Express Video workshop
Transition from Premiere Rush to Express Video
We fully acknowledge the inconvenience that may have been caused by the recent technical difficulties with using Rush.  Regrettably, we did not receive forewarning that there were issues with the latest update of Premiere Rush or indeed, it was to be replaced by the new Express Video.  We have communicated directly with Adobe (local and global teams) the need for such changes to be advised well in advance, to ensure the smoothest transition when adopting new tools with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. 
We know that there is required use for Rush in Semester Two assessments, therefore we aim to minimize disruption with an immediate transition to Express Video.  We have designed a series of online workshops, in-class workshops, one-to-one coaching and curated resources available through the Adobe Hub - to help make the transition as smooth as possible.
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