The New Normal
Students were asked to share with us what it’s been like living and studying during COVID-19. 
Here are some of their projects. 

Trinity Ross
Made with Photoshop

Sylvio Abisha
Made with After Effects & Photoshop

Scott Neely
Made with Photoshop & Premiere Rush

Sam Wang
Made with Lightroom & Photoshop
Sam's Website (coming soon)

Isabelle Khor
Made with Premiere Pro

Josh Choveaux
Made with Photoshop
Josh's Website (coming soon)

Julia Stella

Made with After Effects & Photoshop 

Nicky Price
Made with Photoshop

Ethan Jones
Made with Premiere Pro
Ethan's Website (coming soon)

Beautrick Zenghis
Made with Premiere Pro

Ellen Wadley
Made with Photoshop

Aidan Krott
Made with Photoshop
 If you’d like to submit something that represents your time during 2020 lockdown, please email it to 
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