Health Science

Vaccines in a Pod - by the Undergrads!
Charmaine Lloyd
School of Health Sciences

Twenty-six percent of Australians listen to podcasts weekly. This could be a powerful tool for scientific communication, which students must have the opportunity to experiment with.
Local and international students from the BHSc unit Infections & Immunology will be provided an opportunity to garner information and critical literacy on the topic of ‘Vaccines,’ and synthesize their knowledge into an interactive podcast, while developing their technical literacy with Adobe Audition. Students will draft scripts, assign talk roles, record their lively discussion and critical debates for a genre of university students. With permission, curated podcasts will be available for a public audience.
Shareable teaching and learning resources for this project coming soon!

Findings (Coming soon!)
Findings will include the following sub-sections: 
 - Problem 
- Overview 
- Emergent Outcomes 
- Key Learnings
- Detail around how the project addressed the Digital Literacies Pillars
- Impact data ​​​​​​​
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