Re-imagining your assessment

Multi-Modal Web Pages 
> Multi-modal communication
> Text, images, video, interactive links
Let's take a look at how we might use multi-modal CC Express Pages (formerly Spark) with text, images and video.
We've included Sample Activities, Potential Learnings, Assessment Examples and Resources to get you going!
Sample activities>>
What is it useful for?  
Teaching portfolio webpage 
Idea / “elevator” Pitch  
Proof of concept/principle  
Research review
Industry reports
Potential learnings>>
Note: these will need to be addressed in your rubric and highlighted in your assessment
 Oral communication (if using video) 
Visual communication literacy 
Technology literacy and confidence building (in a fun way!)
Assessment examples>>
How might I use this?
Novice: Interactive webpage that assesses student understanding of theory and basic understanding of visual communication.
AssociateDocumentary review that demonstrates connections between theory and practice. 
What real examples can you show me?
Swinburne Digital Literacies Hub: Teaching and Learning Resources for CC Express (Spark)​​​​​​​
Swinburne Assessment: Documentary Review by Ryan Jopp
Swinburne Digital Literacies: Starting Considerations
Starting to get excited? But wait, there's more!
> Re-imaging assessment with Audio
> Re-imaging assessment with Video
> Re-imaging assessment with Digital Portfolios & Websites

Digital Literacies.
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