Digital Literacies.
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Current examples.
We know that you love to learn from your colleagues! Here are a few examples from Swinburne to get you started.

Podcast example.
Pilot podcast episode
by Peter Macarto
Department of Media and Communication

Digital Literacies pillars practised and assessed: this assessment supports students to practise and evidence technology literacy (by selecting and using appropriate digital tools to create content and communicate effectively), and critical literacy (by accessing and using information ethically and legally to understand the wider context in which the artefact will be presented).  
This example was delivered in a 3rd year, Semester 2 subject.

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Video example.
Final concept presentation / pitch movie
by Kate Bissett-Johnson
School of Design

Digital Literacies pillars practised and assessed: this assessment supports students to practise and evidence technology literacy (by using appropriate digital tools to communicate effectively), Information literacy (by building on previous research/analysis and using it appropriately within a digital context) and critical literacy (by problem solving a complex issue and understanding the wider context in which the artefact will be presented). 
This example was delivered in a 3rd year, Semester 2 subject.

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Spark Page example.
Documentary Review 
by Ryan Jopp

School of Business

This assessment has two submission options. If choosing the Visual report (Spark page) then students are supported to practise and evidence technology literacy (by the use of appropriate digital tools to create content and communicate effectively), information literacy (by using research and analysis appropriately within a digital context) and critical literacy (by using reflective practice). 
This example was delivered in a 2nd year, Semester 2 subject.

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Digital Literacies.
Digital literacies might be new to you, or you aren't confident what it might mean at Swinburne. 
Find out about the Digital Literacies pillars and some considerations to help you start  embedding them into your teaching.

Digital Literacies.
Teaching and Learning

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