Re-imagining your assessment

Digital Portfolios & Web Pages
> Multi-modal communication
> Text, images, video, interactive links
Let's take a look at how we might use Digital Portfolios and Web Pages to re-image your assessment.
We've included Sample Activities, Potential Learnings, Assessment Examples and Resources to get you going!
Sample activities>>
What is it useful for?  
 Digital Portfolio 
 Multi-page presentation 
 Curated collection
 Student showcase 

Potential learnings>>
Note: these will need to be addressed in your rubric and highlighted in your assessment
 New communication format
Visual communication literacy 
Technology literacy and confidence building (in a fun way!)
Assessment examples>>
How might I use this?
Novice:  A website used as a presentation method to communicate theory, research and reflection and the relationship between them. 
Emerging PractitionerTeaching portfolio that demonstrates experience and competency in-line with teaching standards. 
What real examples can you show me?
Swinburne Digital Literacies: Starting Considerations
Starting to get excited? But wait, there's more!
> Re-imaging assessment with Multi-Modal Web Pages 
> Re-imaging assessment with Audio
> Re-imaging assessment with Video

Digital Literacies.
Examples in Curriculum
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